Burst Sterling Baby Rocker

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Baby rocker's lightweight (4.5 Lbs), foldable design makes it easy to move and use anywhere.

The hammock-like sling and gentle rocking motion softly comforts babies,
 "as if in my arms", mother's tell us.

The full hood protects from drafts and harsh light, indoors and out.

And baby is engaged by spinning figures on the detachable toy bar.

Our baby rocker is so calming because:
  • It cradles like mother's arms
  • Its deep, soft sling surrounds and fully cradles baby
  • Babies calm themselves, creating a smooth, gentle rocking motion when they move
  • 'Natural' rocking soothes more than a bouncer
Easy portability makes our baby rocker ideal for use in any room of the house and outdoors...backyard, picnics, the beach, vacations.
The removable toy bar of our baby rocker has colorful, spinning characters that engage baby and help focus.
All fabrics remove, and are machine washable
Sling is 14"W x 24"D
Our price: US$89.00