Englacha Wood Board Rider

Englacha-Rider-Plus-Wood Englacha-Rider-Plus-Wood-Packaging Englacha-Rider-Plus-Wood-Attachment

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The handy Englacha Rider Plus provides a comfortable spot for your toddler to hitch a ride on your stroller (sold separately). Featuring a sturdy, wooden platform decorated with adorable animal characters, the Englacha Rider Plus easily and quickly attaches and detaches from most strollers that have a horizontal bar connecting the rear wheels. The Englacha Rider Plus accommodates children ages 15 months old and weighing up to 44 pounds.


  • Convenient Englacha Rider Plus
  • Decorated with adorable animal characters
  • Compatible with most strollers with rear wheels connected by a horizontal bar
  • Three different sizes of connectors for a universal fit
  • Quickly and easily installed and removed
  • Sturdy, wooden platform
  • Dimensions: 17”W x 6”H x 13.3”L
  • For ages: 15 months old and up to 44 lbs.
Our price: US$55.00